Würzburg our host

Würzburg is a major city with the greatest proximity to its vineyards. The wine, the Main River and the mild climate create the special flair and feeling of well-being.

Young big city

130,000 inhabitants with an average age of 41! Würzburg is one of the youngest cities in Germany.

Important researchers

14 Nobel Prize winners have researched and taught in Würzburg. From X-rays to blood groups to viruses as cancer triggers - these discoveries and many other scientific achievements earned 14 Würzburg professors Nobel Prizes between 1901 and 2008.

University City

The University of Würzburg is one of the top 20 german universities and, with its more than 600-year history, it is the oldest university in Bavaria.

Unesco World Heritage Site

In 1981, the Würzburg Residence with the Court Garden was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List as an extraordinary baroque synthesis of the arts. It was created as a joint masterpiece by important artists of its time and represents one of the most magnificent princely courts in Europe.

World famous vineyard

Germany's largest contiguous single vineyard has 85 hectares of vines: the Würzburger Stein. It is one of the best-known vineyards in the world.

Optimal transport connection

210 long-distance and 190 local trains daily make arriving easy. Würzburg's main train station is located at the intersection of several highly frequented rail transport axes. Würzburg also lies at the intersection of Germany's most important and longest highways: A3 Cologne-Frankfurt-Würzburg-Passau and A7 Hamburg-Hanover-Würzburg-Ulm. In addition, the A81 Würzburg-Heilbronn-Stuttgart-Singen in southern direction starts here. There is an hourly ICE direct connection to the Rhine-Main airport in Frankfurt (90 minutes travel time), and Nuremberg airport can be reached by train and car in just over an hour. In addition, the distances in the city are short - a 10-minute walk from the train platform to the Congress Centrum.

Wide range of hotels

Würzburg offers 5,000 beds in 51 establishments, most of them in the city center. The Maritim Hotel is directly connected to the Congress Centrum Würzburg.